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We have over 30 years of knowledge and experience in repairing outdoor power equipment. That allows us to be extremely confident in our ability to keep your machinery running well. Let us help you and bring your equipment in for service and repair!​


Warranty Repairs: 

As an authorized dealer of any of the brands we carry, we are able and willing to work on warranty repairs. Check out the product page to see the brands we carry. An important note: if a unit is not registered, then we require a proof of purchase in order to submit the claim. If you believe you have an issue under warranty, bring the equipment in as soon as possible!​

Here is a list of some of the items we service. Be sure to check out our Product page to see a complete list of the specific brands we are an authorized dealer for.

  • Lawn Mower

    • Residential Push Mowers

    • Riding Mowers

    • Commercial Walk Behind

    • Commercial Zero-Turn/ Stand-on Units

  • 2 Cycle Equipment

    • Chainsaw

    • Cut-off Saws

    • String trimmer

    • Pole saws

    • Hedge trimmer

    • Blowers

      • Backpack & Hand-Held

    • Edgers

  • Push Blowers

  • Generators

  • Trailers

    • Opened and Enclosed

  • Snow Blowers

  • Salters

  • Over Seeders

  • Thatchers

  • Vacuums

  • Push Spreader

    • Spyker

  • Aerators

    • Stand-On

    • Push

  • Engines

    • Briggs & Stratton

    • Kohler

    • Kawasaki

    • Honda

    • Generac

    • Wisconsin

  • Construction equipment

    • Tampers

    • Jumping Jack

    • Cut Off Saw

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